Paid 2 Party

The Nova Scotiables proudly present the party of the century, or at the very least the best one YOU will ever attend... on a Friday.... October 12.... Calgary.... full stop.

Quick Facts

  • Friday October 12, 2018

  • 9pm Doors, $5, 18+

  • Atlantic Trap & Gill - 510 Heritage Dr SW, Calgary AB

  • Get paid $100 to party (see Party Rules below)

Party Rules

  1. To be eligible you must click "going" and share the Facebook event - click here to see it!

  2. Number of winners will be at the discretion of The Captain

  3. The number of of entries per individual or crew mate shall be 1, and 1 shall be the number of entries. Not two, nor 0, unless immediately proceeding to 1. 5 is right out!

  4. The draw will occur between the first and second sets.

  5. "Keep Fit & Have Fun!" - Hal Johnson & Joanne MacLeod


Photo Credit: Courtney Blatch

Countdown to St Paddy's Day 2019: