The Nova Scotiables have built a deserving reputation across western Canada as a high energy maritime revue unmatched by their peers.  Bringing an unconventional approach to traditional, original and contemporary maritime music, this collection of individuals has become a hit - not just on the maritime circuit but with entertainment fans of all ages.


In such a short time the group has built a resume that rivals veteran acts.  Blending a tireless work ethic, unbelievable energy and professional composure, 2015 to present they've been working full time with music and standard 9:00-5:00 works.  Avid supporters of charity and local talent development, these 'Scotiables are just as comfortable at festivals in front of 1000's of people as they are in your house hosting an impromptu kitchen party.


With the release of now three albums They're Okay(2015), and Live at Fionn MacCool's(2016), and Self Titled Album(2017), folks can finally take home a taste what's made them a significant force in western Canada's music scene.  Available in person at performances or by email, the records capture the band's original music and exemplifies their take on traditional songs that date back centuries. Go get yours while you've got the chance!


Pick up your pint...  Lift 'er high in the air - get 'er up, get 'er up, get 'er up there!  Now count out loud;








Nnnnoooovvvaaaa Scccooottiiiables!!!!!!!!!!


Hodgie was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba November 22nd, 1985 but quickly moved away at the ripe age of 1 to Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

Moving to Victoria BC when he was 14 years old, this is where he met his best friend, and now artist who would create "Nova Scotiables" logo in the years to come, James Roney.

He would get his first taste in music playing drums with his old friend from high school, Alan Robertson. Music didn't quite stick.... yet. 

His first time on stage was at an open mic at Swigs Pub and Grill. Highly intoxicated he musters up the courage to play some drums with "Covered in Plaid", who was made up of Jae Fortier (now part of "Two Bit Bandits") and Brett Uggerslev. Enjoying himself quite a lot and bringing him back to his memories of acting Hodgie hops on this music boat as a drummer. 

He finds himself in a band called "22x" with friend, and lead singer/guitarist Kevin McMahon. Deciding that being a front man in a band is what he really seems to want to do, Hodgie picks up a guitar and starts practicing. Learning a lot of "Green Day", punk rock, and classic rock songs he stumbles upon learning a song that he knew from his childhood, "The Night Pat Murphy Died". After playing this song live at an open jam, he realizes that this is his ticket!

He plays his first show on his birthday in 2013 with the name "Hodgie and the Barbarians" with Jae Fortier and Josh Wiffno Lassname (currently playing for Mommy Daddy Issues). Not being a full band yet, he wouldn't play another show with the Barbarians until March 15th 2014. Below Deck is where this show would take place with "Hodgie and the Barbarians" comprising of Hodgie, Josh Wiffno Lassname, and Kevin McMahon. 15 minutes before showtime Fiddly-Bits Jess would walk up to Below Deck and meet Hodgie for the first time. Hodgie asks her to play the fiddle that she happened to be carrying with her in the show that they were about to play. Before too long, Hodgie felt that being in a band with his name in the name of the band wasn't something that he liked. "Nova Scotiables" was to be made their official name as of October 31st, 2014. Now, all Hodgie does is play music!



A (somewhat) mild-mannered baker by day and fiddle-shredder by night, Fiddly-Bits Jess is the Boatswain of the Nova Scotiables. Armed with her faithful fiddle "Red," Jess takes solos as the lead player of the band and provides vocal harmonies to flesh out the band's sound. 

Born and raised in the back woods of New Brunswick by a pair of forest rangers, Jess began playing violin at the early age of 10 and hasn't put the darn thing down since! Her love of music led her to join several ensembles, such as the New Brunswick Youth Orchestra, Symphony New Brunswick and the Memorial University Chamber Orchestra. She has traveled the world with her violin, playing concerts in Florida, Italy and Russia as an orchestral violinist, and completed a Bachelor of Music and a Bachelor of Music Education as a Second Degree at the Memorial University of Newfoundland. After completing both degrees by 2010, she did her teaching internship at the Burnt Mill Academy for Performing Arts in Harlow, England, before returning to New Brunswick for a year where she taught music and strings full time in the District 6 String Program- the very same one she went through as a child! She then returned to academia to study a Masters of Music with a major in music composition at the University of Calgary, and it was the decision to move all the way across the country that would eventually bring her into contact with her fellow bandmates.

Despite her classical background, Jess would also cultivate a love for fiddle music as she grew up, particularly while living in St. John's Newfoundland where she and some fellow students would throw kitchen parties in their apartment and party into the wee hours of the morning. This meant cramming upwards of 20 people armed with guitars, fiddles, banjoes, wind instruments and, of course, an ugly stick, into a tiny apartment and filling whatever space was left with beer bottles and tunes that would go on for hours on end. 

This was a tradition sadly missed when she first moved to Calgary in 2012, but little did she know that on the Ides of March in 2014, she'd walk into the right bar at the right time with a fiddle in tow, and be invited to join the band that was just about to play before she even had a beer in her hand- how rude, right? Let the girl have a beer! Several jigs, reels, shots of Jameson and perhaps one well aimed right hook later, the name "Fiddly-Bits Jess" was coined, and she was inducted into the band which would later grow and become Nova Scotiables.





Alternate Members

JC MacDonald - Bass/Mandolin/Vocals

Morris Mo Knows - Drums/Bodhran/Vocals

Eric Minden - Bass/Drums/Cajon

Tyler Gates - Guitar/Vocals